Friday, July 8, 2011

K-Y Intimacy Experiment Days 10: Putting it All Together

Ok, my last KY post is a few days late- sorry about that! Sometimes I procrastinate a little bit. Anyway, day 10 is about reflecting upon what I've learned during this experiment and putting that knowledge into action. My assignment for the day was to incorporate the various techniques I've learned into our day and then reflect back by considering the following questions:

Q: How did you do at incorporating the various aspects of the Experiment into your day?
A: I did pretty well in the morning by showing him plenty of affection before he went to work, but when I got home from work in the evening I wasn't feeling so great. I had planned on cleaning up the bedroom, but I ended up taking a nap instead.

Q: Which were easiest to remember- and easiest to forget?
A: It was very easy for me to remember to be affectionate, because I do that just about every day anyway. I remembered that I was supposed to clean up, I just opted not to. It's easier to forget the tips that I normally wouldn't do, like cooking together or doing something dangerous/outside of my comfort zone.

Q: What changes have you noticed in your relationship over the course of the program? How has your sex life changed?
A: We had sex more frequently than usual during the experiment, which was nice. However, I learned that I tend to enjoy planned sex a bit less than spontaneous encounters. Somehow, feeling like I should do it made me want it a little less. Outside of the bedroom, our relationship has been great, as usual.

Q: Which activities are you likely to make a habit?
A: I would like to work on keeping our bedroom looking like a "love nest" instead of a big mess.

Q: How do you see the future of your relationship?
A: I see it lasting and remaining a source of great happiness for a very long time!

Thanks to all of you who have read about my experience with the KY Intimacy Experiment, and who participated in my giveaway! I hope the winners have a lovely time with their kits!

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