Thursday, December 16, 2010


Booya! I won a few things this week. A $25 American Express gift card from, and a $50 1-800-Flowers gift card from I'm pretty psyched about that, because my mom's birthday is in January and she loves flowers. Now, if only I could win a new Roku player...

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Quest to Win Free Stuff

A few weeks ago, I discovered the existence of blog giveaways. At first, I was skeptical. I thought, "could I really win something just for telling someone that I'm following them on twitter or writing a sentance about my favorite holiday beverage?" Well, as it turns out, yes I really could. After entering several giveaways, I managed to score a $25 Starbucks gift card and a $15 Best Buy gift card. Now I'm sold on the concept, and I've been spending hours of my time informing people that I'm following them/subscribing to their emails/voting for their pet or their kid in some contest- all in the hopes of winning something, anything. Carmex lip balm, sounds good. Chex cereal? Sure, I could use that. Bring on the coffee robots, while you're at it.

Is this a wise way to spend my free time? Maybe not, but it's kind of fun and it appeals to my nature. I'm underemployed, lazy, and I like getting presents. I work at night, so I have all kinds of free time in the middle of the day to muck around on the internet- might as well use that time to possibly win some things instead of playing video games or browsing forums.

The main reason I'm writing this post is because someone from one of these blogs decided to unceremoniously delete my entries in several of their giveaways. I won't name names, but it's a drag, man. I'm pretty sure I didn't break any rules, so what gives?  Maybe she looked at my desolate blog and decided that I must be some sort of spammer. Well, here it is- proof that I am in fact human. Now please, allow me to leave you 50 comments about various ways I'm following you on the internet and what products I might like from the website of your choice. I'm not cheating, I'm just trying to win some free stuff.